How important are Communication Skills?

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Why is a good business coach important?

If you are an entrepreneur and have your own business with many employees, you may have considered hiring a good business coach. You should already know that providing business communication training for managers can be the single distinguishing factor in your sales team bringing new customers to the business. Possessing good business communication skills can be a valuable asset in making connections, or getting sales. It can determine how successful you are, because you can be the best in any industry if you simply connect with your employees, clients and vendors. If you don’t use communication as a funnel in your business, you are missing out on many great opportunities.

There many forms of communication skills to date, but we will be mainly focusing on real live, person to person conversations, as opposed to written conversations in letters and email.

Are you listening to your customers?

Are you a good listener, or just care about your own business? Study shows that most of the people are bad listeners, and being a poor listener can ruin your connections with current or potential clients. There are several reason why we are bad listeners, but the most common is that you are indifferent about what the other person is saying. If you are listening to someone, verbally play back a summary of what they said, this way you will let them know that you are listening, and you will remember what they said more clearly, because your mind stores it twice.

If you improve your listening skills, it is certain you will get more clients, and will be able to solve more problems and come up with more genuine ideas related to their needs. We tend to talk and talk about our problems and our business, but we never tend to listen. Change that now, and you will see great results!

Listen to the body language

If you are in marketing or own a business of your own, you must have heard about the importance of micro expressions and body language. You should always sit up straight when you are talking to someone, and lean forward to show you are interested in what they are speaking about. Many of us don’t know the most important part about this, that you have to interpret and see others people body language. Don’t just pay attention of your own body language, look at your partners body language too, because it speaks instead of them. Did you know that 60% of the talking is done non verbally in a conversation? Every little expression you see on the others face, means something. If they cross their hands, that means that you said something that they don’t like or you insulted them.

Create a time frame

If you are delivering services like SEO, be sure to set expectations and a time frame for the client, to save yourself from a lot of headache. If you don’t do that, they will be constantly asking you for significant accomplishments in a very short time period, and that can be annoying. Tell your clients clearly what, and where you are going to deliver your service, and what they can expect from it. If you have an issue with that, communicate with your clients, it is always better to talk to them, then to lie.

Learning and developing these kind of skills take time, but if you do, you will be more successful than ever.


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